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Packing Tips for stress free travel

Summer is the travel season. We have done our research, planned our itineraries, and are so excited to start our adventures. But before we get to wherever we are going, we have to pack and hope that our luggage makes it to our destinations. No need to stress. After traveling the globe for business and pleasure I have developed tried and true methods to keep our belongings organized and a fail-safe for misplaced baggage. Here are my 3 packing tips to make sure that you don’t miss a beat even If your luggage does.

Packing Cubes: Packing in cubes is a game changer especially if you are moving around a lot. There are numerous brands, styles and sizes to choose from to accommodate all your belongings. Once you have sorted your items, fold them neatly and place them by category in separate cubes. Not only do the cubes keep your clothes sorted and wrinkle free, but unpacking is a breeze. Just move the cube from your suitcase to a drawer and you’re done. Repacking is just as easy. My favorite cubes are by REI. They open completely and expand for longer trips. They are perfect for split packing.

Split Packing: If you are traveling with a significant other or with your children and you plan to check luggage, split packing is the way to go. You know how frustrating it is to arrive at your destination but your luggage doesn’t. By split packing, you are guaranteed to have a complete wardrobe in each bag so if one is delayed, you are still good to go. Once you have selected the items you are taking, divide them into 2 complete wardrobes from undergarments to shoes. Place one half in each bag. It is as easy as that. You will still be annoyed that the airline misplaced your luggage but it won’t interfere with your agenda.

Carry-on Bags: Bringing a small carry-on bag is a must if you to plan to check luggage. Your carry-on should contain 1-2 days’ worth of clothing including a change of shoes and any medication. (Don’t forget your bathing suit) In the event that all your luggage is delayed, the start of your vacation doesn’t have to be. Just put on your bathing suit and hit the beach!

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