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To Marie Kondo or Not to Mari Kondo?

photo courtesy of nick-de-partee

You have to be living under a rock these days if you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo, the Japanese organizing guru and author with a Neflix series titled Tidying Up. (She even walked the red carpet at the Oscars!) So, the question is: is the KonMari Method (as she calls her organizing process) right for you? If you are highly motivated and a real DIYer that answer might be yes. If you are someone who needs a more personalized coaching approach, I would be wary. Many of my clients feel overwhelmed just looking in their closets, yet alone seeing everything from every closet dumped in one place. They need help making decisions and having a professional organizer who is hands-on in the trenches with them alleviates the stress and provides the much-needed decluttering support they crave.

Deciding what to keep or send on its way is only the beginning of the process. Next is evaluating the amount of storage space you have and whether you need to add additional storage strategies. Assigning homes for your belongings will help determine the space required. Not everyone is able to visualize this on their own nor does it spark joy to spend an hour at The Container Store finding the perfect storage solutions.

While I personally do not subscribe to the dumping everything in a heap method, I do use her folding techniques. (Folding t-shirts or other flat items into little rectangular packages that can be stacked next to one another in a draw as opposed to laying one on top of another.) This saves space and you can easily see what you own. This folding method is great for kids’ drawers.

So, to get back to our question. whether you go it alone with the KonMari method or work with a professional organizer is totally a personal choice. There is no one way to organize and one way is not necessarily better than the next. Decluttering and getting organized is great no matter what method you use.

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