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“Bari and team were absolutely wonderful to work with. Being 7 1/2 months pregnant, all I wanted was to be set up for success when moving into my new home and Bari not only met, but exceeded all my expectations. My kitchen is organized and labeled and so easy to maintain as it flows well and everything has a place. My closet is my dream closet with the organization. She did such a great job, I even asked her to do all the bathrooms since I knew after seeing their work, I would never be able to set myself up that way! I really can’t rave enough, as she made my family’s life much easier as we moved homes.”

Jessica Dunn: Larchmont, NY

“Working with Bari was the best money I ever spent. I have two small children and my husband and I both work. When I hired Bari to manage our move from beginning to end, I told her I just wanted to show up and have everything taken care of. She did just that - in flying colors. But my FAVORITE part of hiring her, was when she and her team unpacked us in the new house. The kitchen was so beautifully organized, both of my sons' rooms were impeccably unpacked - clothes organized, toys set up. The first night my boys both slept in their rooms, so cozy and comfortable - you wouldn't be able to tell that we had moved houses THAT DAY! I want Bari in my life forever. She was such a lovely presence and her work spoke volumes.  If you have a family - DO NOT MOVE WITHOUT BARI. You will be so relieved that you have her taking care of you all. You get to enjoy the new house and leave everything else to her.”

Rachel Rider: Larchmont, NY

“We loved working with Bari! She’s so professional and really pleasant to be around. I was nesting big time during the month before I gave birth to my son, and Bari helped us organize our home office, guest room and linen closet. We had a paper problem in our home office and, honestly, throughout our whole house, and Bari gave us the tools to get and stay organized. We feel so much more prepared for our baby because we spent the time getting organized with Bari. Highly recommend.”

Emily Anderson: Edgemont, NY

“I could recommend Bari a zillion time over. We recently hired Bari to help us organize our new apartment to get ready for our baby. We are so glad that we hired her because she has totally transformed our space into one that is now functional. We started in the baby’s room but Bari made her way through our closets, laundry room, den, kitchen, and more. We can now find everything when we need it and all of the spaces finally look pretty and organized. In addition to her efficiency, she knows all of the best products to fit the oddest of spaces. We will definitely use Bari again for future projects. Her genuine personality and efficiency make spending time organizing an enjoyable experience. We can't recommend her enough!”

Jennifer Taylor: Chelsea, NY

“Bari is a pleasure to work with. She's a self-starter who has excellent suggestions and boundless energy. We enlisted her services for both ends of our move from a large house with lots of storage to a smaller town house with much less available storage. Her help and coaching in purging unneeded stuff and packing in preparation for the move were invaluable. Equally invaluable was her help in organizing and finding places for everything we brought with us. We've now been in our new home for a month and without Bari, we'd still be inundated with boxes and at our wit's end. Thanks Bari, you made everything manageable!”

Michael Stellman, New Rochelle, NY

“Bari is a lifesaver. I was moving out of a 7500 sq ft house into an 1100sq ft apartment and I was in complete overwhelm. Bari came in and her professionalism, organizational skills, patience and empathy made the whole process so much easier. With great efficiency (and compassion) she turned what seemed a colossal mess into an organized, workable process. I learned so much from watching her simple, organized method and am so thankful to have worked with her as she turned what at first seemed a nightmare into a project that was actually fun. I have no doubt that when I move again, Bari’s number will be the first I will call.”

Linda Harkvay, Hewlett Harbor, NY

“Bari is AMAZING!!! Bari helped my family of 5 move cross country at the most stressful of times. She handled all of our unpacking without me even being there and my family was able to walk into a completely move-in ready home! She eased all my fears of not being present and exceeded my expectations”.

Lian Teicher: Edgemont, NY

“Trying to find the right words here... Lifesaver? Angel from heaven? Bari of Let's Get it Done is all of that and more. Our need was immediate and urgent, as our daughter's Spring Break from Sarah Lawrence College quickly turned into a furlough from campus for the remainder of the year. Her belongings, of course, were still in the dorm, and with us residing on the west coast it was going to be difficult, stressful, and above all costly to get back to Bronxville to pack things up before the cutoff. Bari was recommended by a fellow SLC parent. We were immediately impressed by her can-do spirit coupled with her cheerfulness, and sense of calm. Could we have done this without Bari and Let's Get it Done? No way! It's like we had a best friend or family member there to take care of things for us, during a stressful time. We adore Bari forever and highly recommend her service. She has a great attitude and really adds the personal touch. Thank you, Bari and Let's Get it Done!”

Mark Mullin: Pasadena, CA

" I don't say this lightly, Bari saved my year!

 We called Bari in a complete panic after the movers left last Thursday. We were about to explode; our house was completely upside down. In less than 12 hours, Bari pulled together a team of four and worked for two days organizing everything from my kitchen pantry to my husband's shoe closet. Her team even made several trips to the Container Store for us. My world is now more organized than ever and my family and I were able to enjoy our new home immediately starting on night two.

Her services were worth every penny. I am forever grateful for her professionalism, creativity and vision. If I could give her 10 stars I would without any hesitation.”


Kim Luftman, Scarsdale, NY

“Bari is phenomenal! She reorganized our entire house and was such a joy to work with. She has wonderfully creative solutions to any problem area in the house, garage etc. My kids loved having her come, she was always prompt and her team was a pleasure to work with as well. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of organizational help in any area of their home. Thank you again Bari.”

Catherine Staffieri, Greenwich, CT

“Hiring Bari Goldstein from “Let’s Get It Done” was definitely the best decision I made during the whole overwhelming moving process. From the moment we had Bari and her team on board, they energetically, enthusiastically and very capably, took over the entire unpacking and organization of the new house, and made it as stress-free for us as we could possibly imagine.


Bari exceeded our expectations in every way.  She is the consummate professional and had a very hands-on approach at every turn.  She always had a smile on her face and responded to our needs with a positive can-do attitude and creative suggestions in every instance. Due to Bari’s excellent organizational skills, we were able to immediately enjoy living in the new house.


I would, and already have, recommended Bari wholeheartedly. We couldn’t have been more pleased with her contributions to our move.”


Susan Romney, New Rochelle, NY

“I just want to let you know that I’ve worked with Move Managers since we worked together and I can’t express how impressed I am with your services. You’re TOP NOTCH.”

Jeffrey from Maxsold

“Thank God for Bari! I came from a 3000 SQ FT home to a 2 bedroom apartment. If it wasn't for her, I couldn't have done this. She is wonderful, kind, bright and a delight to be with. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

5 Stars!”

MK, New Rochelle, NY 

“Bari has helped several of our customers downsize and organize their homes.  She is the consummate professional and like her tagline gets the job done.  I am always thrilled to refer her to our clients as I know they will have a positive experience. It is a pleasure working with her.”

Barbara Reguero

Owner at Maid Right. Serving Southern Westchester County

You are my hero! I could not have gotten my mother’s apartment cleaned out after her death without you. Your organizational capabilities and ability to expedite to keep the process moving are incredible. Your support, understanding and guidance helping get through what seemed to be an overwhelming task (especially from long  distance) were most invaluable. I could not have asked for someone easier and better to work with to get the job done. Thanks a million!”

 JW, New York , NY

“Dear Bari,

You have improved the quality of life in our home and I wanted to write to thank you.   

I reached out to you for help with decluttering our garage, basement and home office.  You delivered that and more.  In addition to helping us get rid of the things we no longer use, you helped us organize what we have.  Together, we made decisions about, and created, new filing systems, storage space and shelving. 

You did more than give me advice.  You got your hands dirty by diving into all of our stuff and facilitating decision making that helped us ‘let go’.   Now, parts of our home that we avoided for years because they became messy, unorganized storage spaces, are being used for work, exercise and play. 

Your room and space planning skill, thoughtful care to detail and sound advice helped us to reclaim unused space.  You are a joy to work with.   I will definitely recommend you to others who need organization services.

Thank you again Bari. ”

AU- New Rochelle, NY

“ Bari,

I just want to take a moment to say Thank You.  We could not have handled this move from our large home of over 40 years to our small apartment without your help.  You took disorder and made order with ease and a smile making our lives comfortable quickly even with labels!  From the moment we started working together I knew we were in good hands.  

You are a true professional who worked tirelessly to ensure our move would be smooth.  As we settle into our new home, your creative organizing suggestions and solutions have been invaluable. 

A five-star recommendation!  ”

EG- Scarsdale, NY

“Bari is incredible!
My husband and I just moved into our new home in September and we weren’t sure how to organize our kitchen and pantry. I am currently 30 weeks pregnant and am supposed to be on modified bedrest. Bari took all the stress out of this project and made it very easy to just pick and choose what worked for us. Her attention to detail is meticulous, and her upbeat personality is refreshing when dealing with something that is a stressor to me!

Thank you so much Bari! The babies room is next!”

KC-New Rochelle, NY 

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