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It's Memorial Day weekend. Time to transition those closets.

Memorial Weekend signifies the unofficial start of summer and for me the official start of the summer wardrobe. So that means, it is the weekend that I transition my closets

Here’s my process. It will take a few hours so I start by creating a high energy vibe by playing my favorite tunes.

Step 1: Empty the closet. Do this by category (shirts, pants) as opposed to emptying everything out of the closet at once. This creates a more orderly and controlled approach to assessing your wardrobe.

Step 2: Purge as you go. Normally I would ask myself if I have worn an item in the last 3-6 months. Clearly, we need to make some adjustments here since Covid 19 has definitely changed our dressing habits. So instead, here’s what I will ask.

Do I still like it?

Does it still fit?

Is it in good condition?

If I were shopping today, would I still buy it?

Is it out of date?

If you answer no to any of these questions, it’s time to donate or trash the item if it is not in good shape. Do this step for each category.

Tip: Have garbage bags on hand so you can sort as you go. Label bags for donation so you don’t mistake it for trash.

Step 3: Clean the closet. Time to wipe down the shelves and clean up those dust bunnies.

Step 4: Store seasonal items in remote closets or areas and label storage containers if using.

Step 5: Assess last year’s summer wardrobe. Before I organize my summer clothes in my closet, I ask myself the same questions as I did in Step 2. This way you are purging your seasonal wardrobes twice, once going in and once coming out.

Step 6: Organize items by category and color. Don’t over think the categories. You want this to be easy to maintain. My tops are all together: sleeveless to long sleeve and then light to dark colors in each segment. If I am looking for a short sleeve top, they are all in one place and I can easily find the color I am looking for.

Tip: Use matching hangers. Mismatched hangers make even an organized closet look sloppy.

Shoes: I keep my shoes on shoe racks, heel to toe. Sorted from sandals to heels.

Folded Tops: Arrange on shelves by category, color and sleeve length.

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